“We are committed to supporting people to live independent and fulfilling lives in the community. Whether it is support in the home or assistance with finding employment and meaningful activities, we can provide support across Barnsley and Wakefield. Please feel free to call us and discuss how we can help.”

Justine Pearce, Manager

Justine Pearce, Community Support Manager, Sun Healthcare


Tel: 01226 323 670
Cockerham Hall
Huddersfield Rd
S70 2LT

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Our supported living services enable people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health needs or autism to live full, active and meaningful lives in the local community.

We offer support such as:

– Finding and securing accommodation

– Financial advice and appointeeship

– Daily living skills, taking medication and assistance in the home

– Enablement to access services, education, volunteering and work placements

– Assistance and signposting to other community and leisure activities, including social groups and holidays

– Reablement to regain skills

– Positive behaviour support.


For people with complex needs, who want to live in their own homes or with their family, we offer intensive supported living services. This means that individuals can enjoy the comfort and security of their own home, but with specialist help from us, enabling people to make informed decisions about their lives.

We support people with a variety of complex needs, including:

– Mental health issues

– Challenging behaviour

– Autism

– Physical disabilities

– Substance misuse

– People with forensic histories

– People with learning disabilities and associated early dementia.

Our comprehensive support packages include high levels of staffing (1:1 or 2:1, if required) and are managed by qualified nursing staff. 24-hour care can be provided as part of our intensive supported living services.

Individuals are supported to keep in close contact with family members and friends, and loved ones can visit at any time.

‘Our goal is to empower each person to move on positively, value their individuality and make meaningful decisions about their lives.’

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“I love this company, they are really helping me. Everyone should come here!”



Our team of Managers, Seniors and Support Workers includes specialist nurses, meaning that our clients receive the most appropriate expert help for their individual needs. Justine Pearce is our Registered Manager.

All staff are committed to promoting the individual’s privacy, rights and dignity, by embracing personalised support and enablement.’

Sun Healthcare has a rolling programme of training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to ensure we are up-to-date with best practices, strategic policy and local and national government agendas.


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As with all Sun Healthcare services, we focus on supporting and enabling people to become more independent, to feel a valued part of their community and to realise their aspirations. We do this by creating a person-centred plan alongside the person, their family, and other involved social and healthcare professionals. The plan sets out the steps we take together to assist individuals to develop their confidence, skills and abilities.

Regular reviews, evaluations and progression of outcomes enable us to be flexible and plan future support. We adopt a model of enablement, with the aim of reducing the amount of support people require as their skills and social networks grow. The person is encouraged to exercise as much choice and control as possible over how they live their lives.

We support people in a variety of settings; most people we assist have their own homes and tenancies, but we also support individuals from other community placements to access activities and community resources of their choice.

We assist people to overcome the challenges that living in the community may present, so that they can feel connected and play an active role in their community.


I like doing things with my staff, they help me when I find it difficult to do my cleaning and cooking. I like going out in the community, I like buses and trains and enjoy planning trips. I have been to Cleethorpes, York, Castleford and Bradford. I play football for Sun Healthcare’s team and go to Outpost Mencap and Soul Lounge weekly with my staff. When I’m there I like to sing and play pool with my friends.



Delivering a high-quality service is a priority for us, so we run our own quality assurance programme across all our services, led by our Training & Quality Manager.


If you would like to refer to supported living services, please get in touch with Justine Pearce to discuss your requirements and to arrange a meeting to identify how we might provide support. Contact Justine on 01226 323 670 or email: