“Welcome to Tapton Grove. We provide specialist mental health services for adults from our home in Chesterfield. We believe in a compassionate and person-centred approach to recovery and rehabilitation for people with severe and enduring mental health needs. Please give me a call to discuss how we can help.”

Sarah Gilmartin, Manager

Sarah Gilmartin


Situated in open countryside, just two miles outside of Chesterfield, Tapton Grove provides expert mental health nursing, rehabilitation, recovery and respite services. Our aim is to help people live more independent and enjoyable lives in a homely and secure environment. We have 63 high-quality single rooms, split over three separate buildings, offering all the benefits of small group accommodation.


Tapton Grove is set within 12 acres of well-maintained grounds and woodland, away from the destabilisers of a busy environment, yet close to Chesterfield town centre. We offer transport to enable people to access local services and facilities.

Manager: Sarah Gilmartin
Tel: 01246 274 178
Email: sarah.gilmartin@sunhealthcare.org
Grove Road, Brimington, Chesterfield, S43 1QH

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Tapton Grove, buildings, trees, 3 people in distance

Tapton Grove has 63 individual bedrooms, divided over three self-contained homes within the grounds:

Tapton Grove – nursing accommodation for 23 males with enduring mental health needs
Grove House – two units – one providing nursing accommodation for 10 females with enduring mental health needs – one for 10 older males with challenging behaviour, functional and organic mental health difficulties
Coach House – our residential rehabilitation unit – four single sex homes with en-suite rooms for up to 20 adults, providing rehabilitation, respite and step down services.

All rooms are fully furnished, but we encourage people to bring their own personal belongings to decorate the rooms and make them feel like home. We also offer:

– Woodside Day Service – our activities hub
– 12 acres of grounds for relaxation and leisure
– Our own lake, that can be used by residents and their families for fishing
– Each of the three accommodation buildings has its own lounge, kitchen and dining room
– Our own wheelchair-friendly vehicle.


We understand that moving into a new home can be difficult, and that’s why we work closely with individuals, families and carers to ensure the best possible transition. We always encourage a visit and trial periods so that people can get used to their new home and ask any questions they may have. Family and friends can visit any time and can join us for a meal if it is booked in advance.

Each person is allocated a named nurse and support worker and they are actively involved in developing and reviewing their own person-centred care plan.

We place great emphasis on personal choice, development towards increased independence, social and life skills, integration into the community and involvement in meaningful activities.

Through our activities hub, Woodside, we assess and provide guidance to support people to live in the way they choose. Individuals can gain life skills and can help with the everyday running of their home, giving them valuable vocational skills such as horticulture and catering.

We have good links with local colleges and education centres, and we provide job experiences both at Tapton and in the community. Leisure activities on offer include outings to places of interest, supported holidays, fishing, gardening, playing pool and meals out.

Tapton Grove sign, lavender

‘‘People were supported to participate in activities that they enjoyed. For example, one person told us they went to college. Another person told us they regularly visited their family and had recently joined a gym. One person said, “I like knitting, I am knitting a bed thing – a blanket” and “Staff go with me shopping”.’


The Tapton staff team is led by our CQC registered manager, Sarah Gilmartin, along with three unit managers, registered mental health nurses, team leaders and support staff. Sarah has many years’ experience in nursing, specialising in the rehabilitation of adults with mental health needs.

Our dedicated, long-serving team is trained in a positive behaviour support approach, based on Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI). This means we help individuals develop coping strategies to use in times of crisis, with the aim of reducing stress and removing the need for physical interventions.

We pride ourselves on the support we offer to staff and we have a rolling programme of training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to ensure we are up-to-date with best practices.

‘Staff interactions were caring. All staff on duty were heard and observed to communicate with the people effectively and used different ways of enhancing that communication, for example by touch, ensuring they were at eye level with people who were seated or in bed and altering their tone of voice appropriately for those who were hard of hearing.’

Man in wheelchair with lady planting seeds


We work closely with a wide range of professionals, such as Sun Healthcare’s supported living team and external services, including advocacy, psychology and other social and healthcare providers.

Our team work hard to ensure that people’s views are heard and acted upon and families and friends are encouraged to share their views on how we run our service too. We have regular meetings, a service user forum and questionnaires to help people we support provide us with feedback.


I lived at the Coach House for roughly two years. Once I had redeveloped the skills I had lost, I started to look for a new home. Staff helped me to find the right place and to decorate my flat and buy my furniture. Staff also showed me how and where to pay my bills and make a budget plan. I have a dog and I worked with staff to find a local vet so I could register her. I still have some support now I have left. Once a week, staff support me in completing my shopping, they help me choose foods so that I can keep up my healthy diet. I often suffer from low motivation, and even though I try to be as independent as I can, I still require prompting with housework. To try and help me I worked with staff to make a cleaning rota and I feel I can cope with my housework much easier. I enjoyed living at the Coach House and got on with all the staff. I like the fact they give outreach support as it makes me feel safe and secure having people I know.



Offering a consistently high-quality service is a key priority for Sun Healthcare, so we also run our own quality assurance programme, led by our Quality Assurance Manager.


If you would like to refer to Tapton Grove, please get in touch with our manager, Sarah Gilmartin, to discuss your requirements. We respond to all referrals within 48 hours and then we conduct a thorough, professional assessment, which is the start of the person-centred planning process. A written summary assessment report will be provided to you within 72 hours. Contact Sarah on 01246 274 178 or email: sarah.gilmartin@sunhealthcare.org