Armchair Cruise at St Margaret’s Care Home


Our homes and services put a lot of thought and effort into organising activities that enrich the lives of the people we support. This has never been more important than during lockdown and ongoing Covid restrictions. We’ve been amazed by the imagination of our staff in coming up with ideas such as a virtual around the world tour, sensory diving with dolphins, spa days, cookery groups, making lava lamps, games, quizzes, arts, crafts, gardening and much more!

Armchair Cruise

During September, to finish off their summer season, residents at St Margaret’s Care Home in Grimsby enjoyed a two week virtual armchair cruise around the Hawaiian Islands.  Here’s what they got up to …

At the start of the cruise, all residents were issued tickets inviting them to join us on board the St Margaret’s Joy, sailing with Captain Bill.

During arts and craft sessions we learnt about the history of the Hawaiian islands, the turtles on Laniakea beach and the native hibiscus flowers. Residents created pictures of turtles, flowers, palm leaves and dolphins for our displays.  We learnt that the Hawaiian ‘lei’, garland, which is presented to all on arrival or leaving the islands, is a symbol of affection.

To create a fun atmosphere, a Hawaiian bar was set up and decorated with pictures that we made of cocktail drinks. Of course we added the real thing; wine and spirits and beer, well you just have to, don’t you!  And we learnt that pineapple season is between March and July and that they are a symbol of hospitality, so we added plenty of them too.

The dining room was also decorated, creating a ship’s ‘decking’ feel and throughout our voyage we played many games such as curling, snakes and ladders, target throw, floor basketball as well as games of bingo and an entertainment quiz.

We enjoyed a sensory session in the main lounge, watching virtual beach scenes, shown via our digi projector on the big screen, and from our armchairs visualised that we were sightseeing and walking along Waikiki beach, soaking up the sunshine, listening to Hawaiian music played on the ukulele.

The dining room was set up for an afternoon photoshoot and residents had lots of giggles dressing up.  And to finish our holiday we enjoyed an afternoon tea, cake and wine session with Captain Bill and listened to Glynis’s stories from when she had visited the island when celebrating her 40th birthday.  She told us that she had visited Honolulu and Pearl Harbour and that it was amazing.

What a wonderful time we had.

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