Autism Accreditation for Jubilee Court


Congratulations to the team at Jubilee Court, our service in Sutton-on-Ashfield for people with autism – they’ve retained their Autism Accreditation from the National Autistic Society.

Autism accreditation


Autism Accreditation

We are delighted to retain the accreditation, which is the only autism specific quality assurance programme in the UK. Achieving the award demonstrates a commitment to understanding autism and setting the standard for autism practice.

Praise for the team

The team were praised for delivering the high expectations required to achieve the award. Here are some comments from their report:

“Jubilee Court provides person centred support focused around each residents’ likes, strengths and personal ambitions and reflecting an understanding of good practice approaches in the field of autism. The staff team are stable and well-established. They employ the insight they have gained about each resident well, to ensure that they feel safe and secure and anxiety and stress is minimalised.

“An effective balance is achieved between providing a high level of structure and predictability and allowing positive risk taking. Residents are encouraged to be self-reliant and to develop skills and confidence in decision making and problem solving.

“Staff appreciate the need to modify their use of verbal language and to accommodate time for residents to process what has been said to them. Residents are supported to tolerate a range of sensory experiences within a safe and secure context. This includes access to individualised sensory boxes.”

Next steps

Suggestions were also made for how Jubilee Court can develop the support they offer residents and these ideas are being reviewed by the team.

Our manager, Rachel Bradford, said: “We want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to our fabulous team for enabling our residents to achieve their goals and enabling this accreditation to continue.”

Well done everyone!




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